What is a CVV # ?


We are asked a lot what the CVV code is that is requested when using a credit card or entering a credit card during purchase from the website(s).


The CVV number (code) is the last three (3) digits at the end of the seven (7) number printed on the back of all credit cards in the signature space.


You will see four (4) numbers a space and then three (3) numbers.

Ex:  9045  688

The 688 would be the CVV code for that credit card.

You are asked for the CVV number as an additional level of security when using a credit card.  It prevents someone else from using your credit card or information.


This is a required measure now used by every credit card company in conjunction with federal banking regulations.  The added security is for the customer, not the vendor or retailer.


If you have any additional questions about this, Email Renee@loyalhannadockyard.com