The U-16 is based on a submarine operated by the German Federal Navy.  The sub features a real static diving system utilizing a vertical movement motor which controls a flood tank.
As the tank floods, the boat starts to sink under its own weight; it surfaces using the same method. The result is that the model can "hover" (remain stationary) in the water.  Excellent maneuverability is obtained by the stern thruster combined with the relatively short hull - the model is shorter than scale. The drive battery can be charged quickly and easily, as the switch socket doubles as the charge socket. The two red searchlights glow when the boat is running, making the model look truly realistic. As the submarine is so small, it can easily be operated in the bath or an aquarium.

Pack contents
Operating instructions in German, English and French. Factory-assembled and painted model submarine, ready to run; radio control transmitter, battery charger and small items.


RC functions
Right / left steering
Drive motors On / Off
Fill / drain flood tank

5.20 x  1.30 x  2.0
Max. diving depth approx. 20



ProductID: GRAUP-2019
Price: 65.00