Loyalhanna has been throwing around ideas about having the ability to provide this to the customers.  We have several customers call us asking if we might have the instructions/drawings for a kit they purchased long ago and have misplaced the instructions.  We have decided to start a library of these instructions.  If you have instructions/drawings for a kit or model you have already built, or when you complete your models, if you no longer need the instructions, please forward them to Loyalhanna Dockyard and we will keep them on file to offer to customers who may have misplaced theirs on the same project.  We are hoping to create a library of these instructions so that we can help out modelers when they find themselves in this situation. 

We will copy them so that we always have them on hand and there will be no charge for this service.

Note:  Please do not worry about the condition of the instructions or markings/notes you may have made on them.  Still send them as no one will complain about any of that if it means they can receive the instructions they desperately need.  (And your notes may be very helpful to someone else).  Your contribution is greatly appreciated.


To Mail Instructions:  Loyalhanna Dockyard - 7527 Gilbert Rd. - Bergen - NY - 14416

Or if you have these digitally or prefer to scan them and email:  Send to:

If you have any questions:   Feel free to email us.

If you have a problem locating what you are searching for, we have re-organized and updated the Site Maps on both Web Sites.  This should make it easier for you to locate individual products and Plans.

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