Customer Information:


It is with regret that we should have to impose the following policy:

We take great pride in showing our customers respect & courtesy, we have found most people to do the same and we appreciate that.  We have met and been acquainted with hundreds of wonderful people in the past 6-years.  However, due to a few people who employ the attitude that “The Squeaky Wheel Gets the Oil” philosophy in all of  their communications, we will not be answering e-mails which do not contain basic courtesies like Dear, Hello, Please, Thank you, Yours, Regards etc. We also cannot tolerate belligerent, rude or threatening behavior over the phone or left as a voice mail.   Because we try very hard to maintain the highest standards for our customers, when a few intervene their bad behaviors, it tends to affect the rest.  This is unfair to the vast majority of Customers with whom we share exceptional relationships with.  For this reason, we have instituted this policy effective immediately.


Any verbal or written abuse by a Customer or Family Member of a Customer will not be tolerated.  Loyalhanna Dockyard reserves the right not to service any Customer who does not represent themselves with Basic Courtesy, and will no longer be able to do business or order from us.  It is with Regret that we have to institute such a policy, however, we work extremely hard for our Customers, 7 days a week and evenings.  We do this because we enjoy our business.  Unacceptable behavior by a “Few” make it impossible for us to enjoy the business, and limits our availability to the other 99% of Customers who are absolutely wonderful to work with.


Too many Companies today “Reward” Bad Behavior by Customers and Employees, while alienating the Rest.  We will not prescribe to this philosophy.  It is for this reason that this Policy is in effect.



All prices contained in this catalog are subject to change without notice due to currency fluctuations, price changes by manufacturers or freight escalation, and will be charged as of the effective date of shipment.  A differential will be charged for orders shipped any other way other than U.S.P.S. or UPS Standard.  Shipping & Insurance are charged extra for other than standard listed shipping.  New York State residents must pay 8 % sales tax.  



Payment made by check, money order or certified/cashiers check should be made out to Loyalhanna DockyardPaypal payments should be sent to LHDockyard@aol.com.  All foreign orders are payable in U.S. currency to a U.S. Bank only.  Western Union is available for payment and should be sent to Donald Spielberger, 7527 Gilbert Road – Bergen, NY 14416 – location LeRoy, NY 14482.  Master Card & Visa are accepted for payment in the form of credit/debit cards.  Your credit card will not be charged until the day that the item(s) are shipped to you.  All payments must be made in full before delivery.  All “Special Orders” or “Custom Orders”  must be paid for before ordering.  Custom Orders are any order which is not a stock item by the manufacturer or Loyalhanna Dockyard.   In special instances we will set up payment plans over time, such as with custom work or very large orders.  Contact us for special payment arrangements.


Shipping & Handling

$ 21.00 and under

$ 5.00

$ 21.00 to $ 55.00

$ 8.00

$ 56.00 to $ 99.00

$ 12.50

$ 100.00 to $ 175.00

$ 18.50

$ 176.00 to $ 250.00

$ 22.50

Over $ 250.00

12 % of total


S & H charges apply to U.S. orders only.  International, Over-sized &/or Over-weighted packages will be charged at cost of shipping & packing.  We will lower S & H charges for smaller or lighter pkgs.




Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery.  Some items may take longer due to factors beyond our control.  Any item temporarily out of stock will be back ordered and shipped immediately upon receipt.  Items once back ordered cannot be canceled.  Orders will be shipped either by U.S.P.S. or UPS Standard.  Oversized orders will be shipped by the best available service. If you would like expedited delivery, you may request it, and all additional delivery charges are the responsibility of the customer.  All orders are Inspected & Shipped to the Customer within 24 hours of our receiving Product from Manufacturers.  We do not have any lead times on Product(s) once we receive them.




To ensure proper order & delivery and to avoid mistakes, orders must be placed by one of the following:  Mail:  7527 Gilbert Road  Bergen, N.Y. 14416  Tel: 585-494-0027  Fax: 585-494-1369  E-Mail:  LHDockyard@aol.com .   You can also order with the online shopping cart at:  www.loyalhannadockyard.com.  Loyalhanna Dockyard reserves the right to withdraw any item from the catalog at any time.  A full refund will be made for any of these items.

NOTE: Please, when leaving a message for us, make sure to leave your Name and Phone Number including area code.  Also, if you do not have an answering machine or voicemail, we will call 3 times.  If you are not there we cannot continually call, let us know in your message when you are available.  Thank You.



All sales are considered to be final and delivered items may not be returned.  If certain items are

deemed to be defective upon receipt, and those defects are determined to be manufacturing defects, Loyalhanna Dockyard will replace those specific parts.  For any authorized returns, a re-stocking charge of 25% (minimum of $25.00), will be charged.  Products ordered & delivered are NOT refundable due to change of mind or mistake on customer’s part.  DO NOT ship items back for refund unless you have been authorized for a refund by Loyalhanna Dockyard prior to return.  (A return authorization form with unique number will be provided).  Shipping & Credit fees are not refundable.  Custom Products are “NEVER” Refundable or Returnable ad these products are made-to-order to the customers specifications and will not be resalable.



Warranties- Warranties on products are only those provided by the manufacturers.



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